Attend the Northstar Open House to Find Your Dream Apartment Before Someone Else Does! 

Are you looking for an apartment in Dinkytown that's close to campus, has stunning views, a great community, 5-Star management, and is locally owned & operated?

Tour The Northstar Before We Fill Up...

Round up your roommates and bring them to our Open House.  This is a great time to see a wide variety of our apartments and get all of your questions answered.  

You will not want to miss this opportunity to see the Northstar’s one-of-a kind apartments.  

Mark your calendar for:

Oct 19th


Conveniently Located Close To Campus

1611 8th Street Southeast
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Must-Have Amenities

Rooftop Patio

Hang out on our rooftop while you study, or invite your friends over for an outdoor get together.

Free Bike & Scooter Parking

Protect your ride from the elements with our free indoor and outdoor parking.

Convenient Parking

Reservable indoor and outdoor parking in one of the best locations in Dinkytown.

Free Laundry

Both in-unit and out-of-unit facilities. We'll set you up with $120 in laundry credit to start.

Workout Room

You'll never make another excuse about it being too cold to go to the gym.

Rooftop Grill

Get your grill on on top of our rooftop patio. We hook up the propane for free.

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