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Why Live At The NorthStar Over Anywhere Else

With so many apartments popping up in Minneapolis, it’s getting harder to choose where to live. NorthStar has consistently received the best reviews and happiest tenants year after year.

Here's why...

Northstar Apartments Rooftop Unit

1. You’re not overcharged for stuff that you’re never going to use.

Do you really need a pool and world class weight room in your apartment or are those just excess luxuries that you don't want to pay for?

The truth is that most "luxury" amenities that might attract you to live in one place or another are just marketing schemes that blow you away while you're touring, but in reality they remain completely empty 90% of the time.

We'd rather create REAL value for you. We just expanded our rooftop deck because we saw that people were using the roof and we knew that an expansion would create real value for our residents.

People throw parties, have grill outs using our complimentary grill, and soak up the sun while overlooking the fun, active athlete facilities on campus. Plus, who doesn’t love free balcony seats to all the baseball games?!

Don't overpay for your next apartment. Our gym, lobbies, and patio are everything you need and want, and nothing more.

2. We are constantly upgrading to make your Northstar experience the best.

When Residents suggested we change from doughnuts to bagels on Friday, we listened and made the change.

When Residents in the 1611 building requested a lounge like we have in the 1599 building, we opened up our model unit for Resident's use.

With our new construction opening in September 2020, we are adding a brand new rooftop patio, more indoor heated parking, and updating our existing features to maximize the amenities available to our Residents.

3. We’re run by small business owners.

One of things that makes us special is that we aren’t another corporate apartment building that was clearly backed by a dozen investors that have no interest in anything but your money.

We are family run and operated. As homeowners in the SE Como neighborhood, we are invested in this community. We care about you and your satisfaction with your Northstar experience. The most gratifying thing to us is when we receive a thank you letter at the end of your stay because you enjoyed staying with us so much.

We truly care about you and want to get to know you personally.

We do everything we can to make sure that your stay at the Northstar is as comfortable as possible and if you ever need our help with something, we will always get on top of it as soon as possible. We work hard to make sure you always feel comfortable and safe in your home.

That’s our promise to you.

Looking for a place to rent for the coming school year? Consider living at the NorthStar. Click here to learn more about us.

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