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The History Of How NorthStar Was Built

History of how Northstar was built

If you’ve ever been inside the Northstar, you will notice that it’s very unlike any other apartment in Dinkytown.

The walls are made of exposed brick and nearly every single room is unique.

Typically when a large apartment like this is built, the architects try to make every room the same, but not here.

Northstar resident quote

The reason why our apartments are all unique is because the infrastructure of the building was actually built to be a warehouse.

It wasn’t until just a dozen years ago that the building was renovated into an apartment building; and then just a few years after that we renovated the other warehouse next door.

That’s why we have two separate buildings under the same name.

Not only was this a risky bet due to the construction process, but it was also a risky bet because when it was built the rental market was different.

Nowadays there are a dozen luxury apartments that surround the U of M campus, but that wasn’t always the case.

At the time that this was built, this was considered top of the line luxury.

We weren’t sure if students were going to bite onto that concept yet. The only other luxury apartment in Dinkytown at the time was 1301 and even that was a real risk.

It all worked out though, people loved the place and they were willing to pay a higher price to live here.

It turns out, we were actually one of the trend setters towards higher quality living in Dinkytown.

That’s something we never would have expected.

Check out our unique building for yourself. You’ll feel like you’re living in a piece of Minneapolis’ history. Click here to book a tour of the apartment.

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