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Three Unexpected Treats You Get When You Sign

Most apartments in Dinkytown give you what you paid for and nothing more. Not us. We don’t tell you this when you sign, but there are a few bonuses to living at the Northstar that you won’t get if you live anywhere else.

Northstar Apartment Surprises You

1. Free Bagels and Coffee on Fridays

What’s better than a hot bagel and a warm cup of coffee to kick off your weekend?

We started putting free bagels out every so often on Fridays, but the tenants loved it, so we turned it into a tradition.

Now you can expect there to be bagels and coffee every single weekend.

We even put up signs for you on the inside of the exit doors so that you don’t forget to snag a warm bagel on your way to campus.

2. Grill outs and Barbecues (Invite your friends)

We love our warm grilling days here at the Northstar!

We’ve found that one of the best ways to bring in new customers is to host free food events and let our residents invite their friends to join us!

Once your friends check out the Northstar, we know they’ll love the place and consider it as one of their living options for the upcoming year.

It’s also just a great way for people within the apartment to get to meet the neighbors.

We want you all to become friends with each other to make your stay as delightful as possible, so it’s totally worth organizing a free grill out.

3. Free stuff at our events.

We’ve hosted all sorts of different events in the past.

We’ve had live music in the parking lot, we’ve done our classic barbecues, we’ve even hosted pregame parties on Gopher game day.

In addition to the free food that we pretty much always have, we’ll give out t-shirt and other swag to our attendees every so often.

After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Want an invite to our next event with free food and giveaways? Subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when the next event happens.

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