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What are our residents saying about us?

What's even more important than what we think about our service, is what others think about us.

Here is a video from one of our residents of three years, Kristin T.

Full Transcript of Testimonial:

"I didn't have any negative experiences here. I lived here for 3 years and kept coming back for the same reasons.

Everything was positive but the thing that kept me coming back was the staff. They always went above and beyond and knew me by name.

Greg would always help me with little projects and I think that’s just a completely different experience than you get with a lot of big apartment complexes on campus.

They don’t know your name and they don’t seem to really care about you but that is the complete opposite of my experience here.

I just never had any problems with anything and I never really heard from my friends living with in different places that they had nothing to complain about with their apartment.

The best part was definitely the management.

They were attentive and kind, knew me and my roommates by name we just had this trusting, good relationship.

I think the best part about it was that it was just stress free and the fact that I didn’t have any problems.

It would be so hard to pick one of my most positive memories. I lived here with my 3 best friends for three years.

On the living side, one of my post positive memories was a time when Greg (the Landlord) came in and noticed I had a wooden futon and he said “What are you doing with this?” and he offered to fix it and he went above and beyond.

It just goes to show what the management is like here. They care about you and that was so beyond the responsibilities of a landlord.

You don't need to fix your tenant's personal items but we had a friendship and they were just always really helpful and there for me.

I can think of many times where they didn’t treat me like I was just a bill coming in for rent, it seemed like they genuinely cared about their residents and they wanted us to know that this was our home not just your college apartment.

I genuinely felt like I was at home here.

It just has a homier feel to it and I think that's something that's really rare right now especially on the U of M campus.

There’s a lot of these mass produced apartments and this place is really genuine and special and if I could do college all over again I would live here all four years.

If I had to describe my time living at the Northstar and the relationships that I had it would be 'special'.

I stayed with the same group here because we loved it and it was a home we kept creating special memories in.

Northstar is by far the best place to live in Dinkytown.

I would recommend that anyone lives here it’s going to be really unique and special and I never once had a problem in 3 years.

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