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Which bus goes from Dinkytown to UMN campus?

Thinking about taking the bus to campus instead of walking or riding a bike? That's not a bad idea, especially when the temperature drops to freezing in the winter time.

To get to campus, you will want to hop on the bus line #3 heading south towards campus. Above is an image of all of the stops from como neighborhood to the west bank side of campus.

As you can see, the closest bus stop to the Northstar is at the corner of 15th Ave SE and 8th St Se, just one block from the apartment complex.

From there, you can get dropped off at...

  1. The "circle" right next to the Knoll and Folwell Hall

  2. Bruininks Hall (previously named STSS), which is also right by Walter Library and Appleby Hall.

  3. Willey Hall, which is the last stop on West Bank. Get off here if you need to grab the campus connector to take you to a different part of campus.

From west bank, you can catch the campus connector to Coffman, Stadium Village neighborhood, and St. Paul.

You will be able to get to just about anywhere you need to go without ever having to walk through the cold in winter.

Thinking about living in Dinkytown? Consider the Northstar. Browse our website to find an apartment you might like.

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