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The Must See Art Guide to Dinkytown Minneapolis

Weisman Art Museum

The Twin Cities are always one of the top-ranked arts communities in the nation and Dinkytown is the epicenter of this! In every direction, you can easily access some of the best arts offerings in the country. From the monumental Weisman Art Museum to the grass-roots of it all, you wouldn’t be enjoying the best the cities have to offer without exploring the vibrant art scene. If it was good enough to inspire artists like Prince and Bob Dylan, you’ll likely be the same.

The University of Minnesota defines the university’s landscape with The Weisman Art Museum. It stands like a gleaming space ship that landed from the sun. Once you make it past the blinding reflection and step inside, you’ll find some of most iconic modern art in existence. The Weisman is always trying to define their space for art by allowing students to interact with the inner-workings of the institution. Here is where you find fellow-students defining and innovating what art means. Combine that with the stunning visuals of the arts itself and you will find that you’ll want the occasional (or frequent!) trip back.

Just across the river, you’ll find two more galleries that work as excellent satellites to the Weisman. If your search for inspiration occurs often, then be sure to add The Katherine E. Nash Gallery into your explorations. You’ll continue to see more of The University of Minnesota’s research through actual student and community works. The gallery rotates a variety of visual art’s mediums so each visit will likely be something new and exciting.

Once you’ve complete this leg of the University of Minnesota, you’ll be in such close proximity to The Gage Family Art Gallery on Augsburg’s campus, that you will definitely want to cross over the university border and check it out too. Augsburg also has the Christiansen Center Gallery as well. Luckily, you can see both within just two blocks of each other.

If university art galleries are too much of a reminder of your daily-grind, don’t fret! You also have easy access to a couple of more “Don’t Miss” art centers. This list is, sadly, very condensed. A full blog will definitely be dedicated to the entire Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Northeast is the reason why so many artists choose to make the twin cities their home. Here you’ll find a couple of spots that have put Minneapolis on the national radar for the arts. Once you’ve checked these out, please come back to the blog for future recommendations. These, however, are easily walkable (20-30 minutes depending which one you choose) from Dinkytown on a nice day, though a bike (at 5-8 minutes) would be ideal.

Since their occupation of the historic Purity Soap company’s building in 1988, The Soap Factory has been, somewhat of, the founder of the Northeast Art’s District. In the late spring of 2018, The Soap Factory will reveal their $6.2M renovation that will surely out-wander their longstanding followers. Their commitment to supporting the “laboratory” of over 100 visual artists provides a unique and inspiring display of art and community engagement. Also, keep The Soap Factory in mind during Halloween! They turn the history of the building’s haunted basement into a spooky tour.

Not too far from The Soap Factory is another important Twin Cities art’s member, Midway Contemporary Art. The most notable about this location is its massive art resource library. You will be completely mesmerized by their magazine collection that includes the most eye-popping art and society magazines that span from history and cross-cultures. If you end up with any sort of general research paper, consider a topic in the arts, culture, media or social studies and head over to Midway Contemporary. If you’re just out exploring art, in standard form, the gallery includes a revolving gallery of paintings and photography too. The combo of a learning space and cool visuals will certainly make you a fan of this art space.

All of the walking required of an art enthusiast will sure make a person HUNGRY! Click here to find the best foodie option in Dinkytown.

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