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What Are The Best Restaurants In Dinkytown?

Do you ever struggle with “what to eat”? It’s important to start your search with what is nearest by you. Since convenience is everything, we are conveniently sharing a curated Dinkytown food guide based on the most important categories in your search for food- Cheap Eats (and by that, we include a free option at the end!), Happy Hour, Late-Night, Date Night, Breakfast and Global Flavors. Dinkytown has a lot to offer, so here’s a list to help you with your struggles.

There’s probably a good chance that you need to budget your food expenses. And if you haven’t been so keen on your budget, you’ll find this Cheap Eats list even more critical.

  1. Burrito Loco asks, “Have about $7?”. They offer a nightly special that rotates with options from chimichangas to wings PLUS a mug of beer for about $7 for all seven nights of the week.

  2. Mesa Pizza offers pizza by the slice for $3.60-$4.20 (depending on toppings). Pizza by the slice is the perfect option when money is at its tightest. They do offer 10 cents off each slice if you pay with cash, so check your sofa cushions and car floor-board for that loose change!

  3. Wally’s Falafel has $5.99 gyros and a $4.99 falafel sandwich. We’ve also easily divided their $12-15 plates into two meals. Need we say more?

If Happy Hour is also your favorite time of day, you are in luck because Dinkytown has the best Happy Hour in the Twin Cities. Smart restaurant owners must have inside knowledge about the stressful life of a college student and they are here to help make you happy!

  1. Kitty Kat Club has a 7-day a week Happy Hour from 4-7pm with $2.50 glasses of house wine and $3 rail cocktails along with some yummy food specials.

  2. Leaning Tower of Pizza also has a 7-day a week Happy Hour from 4-6pm with Buy 1 Get 1 beers and $2 off any cocktail and wine along with $4 appetizers.

  3. Stub & Herb’s has the longest running time for Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 7pm with $2.50-3.75 select tap beer and $3 rail cocktails.

If your Happy Hour is actually Late-Night, there are plenty of options to get the party started after 10pm in Dinkytown.

  1. Sally’s Saloon loves the late-night crowd and their $2 rail drinks and domestic beers go great with their select half-priced appetizers. They also have nightly food specials until midnight, like $3 half-pound Angus burgers on Wednesday and 2 pounds of wings for $7 on Thursday.

  2. Kitty Kat Club also made the late-night list with its frequent live music and late-night energy.

  3. Insomnia Cookies is perfect for those of you who are up late and need a boost of sugar-fuel without the alcohol. They are open until 3am!

Are you planning a date night and looking for something unique? Two on this list will require a short walk to the outset of Dinkytown. But who doesn’t love a lovely date night stroll?

  1. Norseman Distillery will leave you feeling inspired with its flagship Norseman spirits and artful ambiance. Enjoy trying the city’s best crafted cocktails along with some amazing ‘people watching’.

  2. Restaurant Alma has been one of the top-rated and awarded restaurants in the entire country. So, if your goal is to impress the H#LL out of your date or to celebrate an anniversary, then definitely grab a hot-ticket reservation for two.

  3. The Loring Bar and Restaurant is a date-night staple in Dinkytown. Pair up your visit with any of the Varsity Theater’s events for a memorable date night.

Did your date night turn into breakfast? Here are some options to re-nourish.

  1. At Tony’s Diner, breakfast is served all day long- just in case you get out of bed after noon.

  2. Al’s breakfast is one of those dive-diners that will make you feel like you’ve left the 21st century and headed back to the 1950’s. The proof is in their cash-only policy, so don’t forget to prepare for the journey back-in-time at your local ATM. Feel free to pretend the ATM is your time machine. After all, it’s all about the journey.

  3. The Purple Onion has been proudly serving breakfast to the university crowd for nearly 25 years. Their specialty coffees, alone, make the trip worthwhile.

One thing that is not missing in Dinkytown is the diverse food options. You can save a lot of money on an airline ticket and explore global cuisine right in your own neighborhood.

  1. Himalayan Restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with Nepalese-Inspired food for $11.95, Tuesday-Friday from 11-2 and Saturday and Sunday from 11-3. What mo-mo could you ask for?

  2. Tasty Pot offers Taiwanese-Inspired Meals-In-A-Bowl. They also have teas like Boba and Matcha.

  3. The Cove has all of the bowl options too, including Rice Bowls from $8.95-10.50, Poke Bowls from $11.50 and Bahn Mi from $7.25-7.95. You can also figure out what a Sushirrito is for $9.50.

Did you make it to the end of this list with immense hunger and the daunting realization that you cannot afford a single item? Do not feel alone! It’s estimated that 17.5% of students at The University of Minnesota are experiencing food insecurities. National statistics show up to 50% of college students experience food insecurities. Please know that there are local resources just for you. The Nutritous U Food Pantry is stocked with pantry staples and fresh produce and available “without any proof of need” (aka stigma). If accepting a generous handout doesn’t seem right to you, just consider donating your time to the organization in return.

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